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Sport & Exercise

There is a balanced programme of Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming and Games, including Football, Hockey, Cricket and Rounders. Each year there is a Sports Day that encourages all children to use a skill that has been developed over the year as well as Water Race that is just for fun! Swimming takes place at the Deepings' Leisure Centre and each child swims once a week for a Term. Voluntary contributions are sought to contribute towards the cost of transport.


If children wear jewellery to school, it becomes the sole responsibility of the children to look after it. Jewellery cannot be worn for PE lessons on the guidance of the Local Authority as it presents a health and safety hazard. It is expected that any child wearing earrings or other jewellery will be able to remove them before the lesson, or leave them at home on the days they do PE. If at all possible, please choose to pierce ears at the beginning of the summer holiday so that they are healed before the start of the new school year.