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Helping you keep your child safe online 

The internet is an amazing place, but with the constant changes it can be hard, even overwhelming for parents to keep up to date with the lastests apps and trends. As children grow older and more independant it is important that they are aware of the dangers and kept safe whilst online. 

We have attached some useful guides regarding some of the current apps being used. You will also find a guide that the NSPCC put together to help reassure you and give information and advice you will need to keep your child safe online. It's all about talking to your child, getting the family involved and finding out what you can do.

You will also find links concern e-safety under our Classes tab.

What is Instagram

Instagram - setting it to private

What is live streaming

What is musically

What is pokermon go

What is roblox

What is snapchat

What is yellow

NSPCC share aware

Webcam fact sheet

LSCB Keeping safe in a Digital World

LSCB What is Snap map

Digital Resilience Toolkit for 6 to 10 year olds 


 Dan Hawbrook, the esafety officer for the Stay Safe Partnership/LSCB has produced some short clips for schools. These are available to parents via the link below. The three clips are no more than 3 minutes long and the first two clips are "a quick chat about game ratings" and "a quick chat about parental controls". 

You Tube Clips 

 Screen Time



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