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Readathon raised £1299.50 for new books. Thank you for all your support!

Sponsored Winter Readathon

This term we would like to raise some money to buy new reading books to replace and expand our depleted stock in school following Lockdown. To help raise some money, we will be running a sponsored Readathon.

In order to take part, your child will need to gather sponsorship for the number of times they read at home or to us in school over the next 4 weeks. This could be a few pages, a chapter or a whole book each time, depending on their reading ability.

Re-reading books is vital in helping children develop fluency and improving comprehension, because of this, if your child reads the same book, page or chapter a few times each time that text is read will count towards their final total.

We understand that at this time, for some, money is tight, so whatever amount your child raises, however small, will be celebrated in school and greatly appreciated. There will be prizes awarded in each class for children who have taken part and made an effort with this challenge.

You have the next week to gather as many sponsors as you can and bring your child’s sponsor form into school on Monday 23rd so that we can record how many times they read over the next 4 weeks.

The Readathon starts on Monday 23rd November.

Please could you record in your child’s reading record every time they read and what they have read so we can add this and any reading completed in school when their folder comes back into school at the end of the week.

We are hoping that with Lockdown, we can all take advantage of spending more time at home by supporting our children with their reading which is vital to every subject.


Sponsorship Form

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