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Administration of Medicines in School

School Staff are unable to administer medicines to children during the school day without the written authority of the parent or carer. If medicines have been prescribed to be taken three times a day, then a dose in the morning, on return from school and before bed will solve the problem. If medicines have to be taken at lunchtime, then they will have to be administered by a parent or carer unless they have completed the administration of medicines form. Inhalers can be used in school and are available to children at all times.

Schools are now allowed to hold emergency salbutamol asthma inhalers in case a child has an attack and they do not have their inhaler with them or it is not working. The school can only administer if the school has already been made aware of the medical condition and the parent/carer have completed the medical consent forms. This is a legal requirement to allow our First Aiders to provide this service to your child. Please contact the School Office for more information.

If children require on - going medication for conditions such as ADHD, this can be discussed in confidence with the Headteacher.Accidents and Emergencies

You will be asked to complete a form providing contact details that can be used should there be an emergency. Please keep these numbers up to date. If parents or carers work, you may wish to provide the number of a relative or friend who would be able to look after your child in the event of an emergency. In a serious emergency you will be contacted at work, but we may also have to contact you there if there is no other person available.

Emergencies may include school closure, accidental injury, or a child becoming unwell during the school day. It is not in the child's best interests to remain at school if they are unwell.

To view School's Medicines Policy please go to "General Information" tab sub section "Policies"


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