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Health Information


If your child has a chronic illness e.g. asthma, the advice given to the school by the Health Authority and the LEA is that their medicine or tablets and inhalers can be accepted and administered in school providing that they are clearly labelled. Similarly, we are prepared to administer antibiotics, but in both instances, the correct permission forms need to be completed before any medicines can be given, these forms are available from the school office. You may, of course, come in to school at lunchtime to administer the medication yourself.


Children need to be well to learn effectively and children with infectious illnesses should not be at school. As per ‘Health Protection Agency’ guidelines, children must stay off school for 48 hours following their last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea.


Please notify the school of any allergies which may affect the health of your child.


Children are supervised at all times, but unfortunately accidents do happen. All injuries are recorded and dealt with appropriately. We have a number of trained first aiders. Unless the injury is minor, you will be informed (and always where there has been injury to the head). For this reason, and in case your child becomes ill whilst at school, it is important that we have a contact telephone number for reaching parents and carers. Please inform the school office of any changes to contact details – especially if you change your mobile phone.


For any issues relating to child protection and safeguarding, Mrs Sandalls is the designated named person or in her absence the headteacher.