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Events and dates

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02/09/2022Staff Training Day

Staff Training Day

05/09/2022Staff Training Day

Staff Training Day

06/09/2022Term 1 Begins

Start of the new academic year.

12/09/2022Residential Trip Year 6

PGL Trip arranged 12/9/2022 to 14/9/2022

15/09/2022Wrates photography

In school for pupil and sibling photographs

21/10/2022End of Term 1

End of term 1

31/10/2022Start of Term 2

Term 2 begins

16/12/2022End of Term 2

End of term 2

03/01/2023Staff Training Day

Staff Training Day

04/01/2023Start of Term 3

Start of Trm 3

10/02/2023End of Term 3

End of Term 3

20/02/2023Start of Term 4


31/03/2023End of Term 4

End of Term 4

17/04/2023Staff Training Day

Staff Training Day

18/04/2023Start of Term 5

Start of Term 5

01/05/2023Bank Holiday

School will be close for the bank holiday

26/05/2023End of Term 5

End of Term 5

05/06/2023Start of Term 6

Start of Term 6

21/07/2023End of Term 6

End of Term 6.