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15/12/2021The Farm Kitchen Christmas Lunch

To order The Christmas Lunch, parents must have an account with The Farm Kitchen.

Please contact school for more information.


05/01/2022Outspoken - BIkeability Balance Training

Outspoken have announce that they have secured additional funding to deliver free Bikeability Balance training for pupils in reception.

Bikeability Balance aims to equip pupils with the skills and enthusiasm to prepare them for cycling independently. Taught on specially adapt bikes without pedals, our course aims to develop child's agility, balance and coordination through game based activities. The training now takes place over 2 consecutive days with pupils receiving a morning and afternoon session on each day (4 sessions in total)

28/01/2022Bikeability Learn to Ride

Outspoken Training were delighted to announce that they secured funding to deliver free Bikeability Learn to Ride training for pupils in Years 1-6.

Bikeability Learn to Ride is targeted at pupils who are looking to cycle independently without assistance (e.g. stabilisers) for the first time. Taught in 1x 1-hour session for groups of up to 3 pupils at a time, our instructors will develop each pupils' balance skills. More information can be found in the attached 'Info Pack'.