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Mrs Manders- Jones - Squirrels ( EYFS, Year 1 & Year 2)


This terms topic is

TOYS Toys Toys! 


We are looking at how toys have changed since the 1960s, looking at how historians record and sequence events on a time line, look at toys nowadays and toys from the 1960s and how we can tell toys are old. We will be comparing toys from the 1960s with versions of the same toy in 2020, noting similarities and differences and why we think these Changes in toys over time happened. 

Our literacy will be around the books Emily Brown's rabbit, Stanley's Stick and The Wooden camel (a folk story from India) we will also be using the visual literacy short film telling The story of lego. We will be learning new vocabulary through these books and developing our writing skills through book related activities, writing captions and labels, chronological reports and writing letters. In Active English we will be revising nouns, verbs, adjectives and expanded noun phrases and learning about main clauses and prepositions and Yr2s will be learning about coordinating conjunctions and how to use them to improve their writing and spotting them in texts. In phonics the children work in differentiated ability groups following the Letters and Sounds synthetic phonics scheme. All children in the class take part in a 20 minute phonics session daily. 

In Maths both Year 1s and 2s are working on Addition and Subtraction, Yr1s working with 1 digit numbers with practical resources and Yr2s learning how to add and subtract 2 digit numbers with confidence both practically and using formal recording methods. The EYFS children are working on counting objects and recording their counting by writing numbers as well as adding by combining 2 groups of objects. They will also continue to work on matching numbers to numbers of objects. 

Our science learning is about materials, naming different materials, exploring the different properties of materials, talking about what objects are made of and why and using our learning to make an umbrella for a toy to keep dry in the rain. 

In Technology we are learning about axels and wheels and apply our learning about joining techniques and using tools safely to make yoy cars with axels. In Art we are learning about drawing, drawing shapes, learning to shade and add texture to drawings. 

In addition we will be developing a range of skills through our outside woodland learning area, using and applying all the learning that happens in school in a different environment. Skills such as - oracy skills, performing skills, science learning, making and problem solving skills, physical skills and above all continuing to develop the children's characteristics of effective learning through play.




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