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The School Published Admission Number is 10

The published admission number represents the number of places offered to children coming to  school for the first time.

The school operates the standard admission arrangements for community and controlled infant or primary schools. These arrangements are detailed in the current booklet 'Going to School in Lincolnshire 2022/23'

Every community and controlled school must apply the County Council’s oversubscription criteria shown below.

In accordance with legislation the allocation of places for children with the following will take place first; Statement of Special Educational Needs (Education Act 1996) or Education, Health and Care Plan (Children and Families Act 2014). We will then allocate remaining places in accordance with this policy. For entry into reception in September we will allocate places to parents who make an application before we consider any parent who has not made one.

 The oversubscription criteria are listed in the order we apply them:

 A. Looked after children and all previously looked after children.

 B. A brother or sister attending the school at the time of application, or who will be attending the school at the expected time of admission. In addition, in the case of infant schools, a brother or sister attending the associated junior school or will be attending the associated junior school at the expected time of admission.

 C. Nearest school; measured by straight line distance.

 D. Church criterion where in operation at certain Voluntary Controlled schools.

 E. Increasing order of straight-line distance.

 If the distance criterion is not sufficient to distinguish between two or more applicants for the last remaining place then a lottery will be drawn by an independent person, not employed by the school or working in the Local Authority Children's Service Directorate.

 The intended overall effect of the proposed oversubscription criteria is to maximize the likelihood that local children will gain places at their local school in an oversubscribed year; it is not possible to guarantee this however.


 Children are admitted to school in the September following their fourth birthday. Parents of children who are due to start school are contacted and invited to visit the school during Term 5. In keeping with Lincolnshire County Policy, parents are asked to identify their preferred school by the end of December to the County Council.

 Further meetings for parents are held during Term 6, at these meetings there are opportunities to discuss and ask questions about school policies and organisation. Children are invited to visit the school during Term 6.


If your child is already at school and moving into the area please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit.

If you wish to apply for a place after the start of the school year you will need to apply to Lincolnshire County Council's Admissions.


Deeping St Nicholas Primary Shool - Lincolnshire County Council Admission Policies


Details on how to appeal if a place is refused and appeals timetable – link to Appeal a school place decision – Before you appeal - Lincolnshire County Council 


 Lincolnshire County School School Transport


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 Any information sent to Deeping St Nicholas Primary School by any of the secondary schools will be passed on to parents and carers, however it is advisable that parents and carers research Open Days and Admission Arrangements etc in order to help make an informed choice for the child’s move to secondary education. Parents and Carers should contact any potential school directly to discuss their admission arrangements.

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